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  • disgnostic


    X-ray examinations on the premises, balance and vertigo testing, neuralgic testing with current perception and threshold examination, Evaluation of permanent disability and impairment, Referal for MRI, CT Scan, chiropractic , neuro and behavioral testing and other specialized services, accident reconstruction.

  • physio

    Physio Therapy

    We closely collaborate with Pioneer Chiropractic while devising the best treatment plan for every patient with physio therapy, pain management and chiropractic care. Between our offices we offer vertigo and balance treatment, posttraumatic headache treatment, steroid joint injection, nerve block, trigger point injection, adjunctive pain management , electrical muscle stimulation, ultra therapeutic ultrasound, massage, therapeutic exercises, iontopheresis, drug delivery and phonophoresis,low level laser therapy(infrared lasers),chiropractic adjustment and care.

We offer timely and state of the art care for maximum recovery of each of our patients.

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